Dominate Every Ticker, Coin, or Token In Every & Any Market

Grab any market by the throat & demand the profits that are rightfully yours!

Trending Asset Alerts

Updated daily our alerts cover the most liquid trending asset pairs. Crypto, Stocks, Forex and more.

Direct algorithm Access

Overlay our set of algorithms on your charts & "trade along" with guaranteed profitable algorithms.

Strategize With Professionals

Our team has decades of real world trading experience managing millions of dollars in assets.

Direct Developer Access

Chat directly with the developers of the platform in real time. Perfect your strategy with their help.


Consistantly Profitable in Every Market.

It's true! In any market conditions too! Each algorithm within Naberius is thoroughly back tested to ensure the most profitable trades possible.

With proper risk management, such as trailing stop losses, and order scaling, you can expect a much... MUCH higher win rate and overall profitability.

Proven Profitability

There are no fake gurus making "calls" here. Only our undeniably profitable alerts & signals

Based on tested algorithmic parameters these are "calls" you can trust. Not an ego-maniacs pump & dump.

Highly Organized Community

Our community of traders is highly active, jumping on everything that moves. Our Discord Community is buzzing with the latest trending tickers, tokens, and coins moving in the market.

Flexible & Customizable Alerts System

Capable of proving strong signals on any time frame or asset, regardless of your personal trading strategy our triple threat indicator set and signal community will revolutionize your decision making process.

Responsive & Friendly Support

A helpful & responsive support team is waiting to answer all of your questions. Speak to the developers themselves even! Typical response time is under 2 hours and with our Discord Community near immediate.

Endless Profit Potential

Optimize Your Trading Strategy With Us

From experienced traders to those completely new to cryptocurrency or stocks trading along side our indicator set and thriving community is guaranteed to amplify your earning potential.

"As primarily a cryptocurrency trader I have experience with volatile markets and even in the face of huge price swings The Naberius indicator set and accompanying Discord alerts continue to help me and my friends crush our BitMex and Binance trades"

COO of Naberius
Early Access Program

Get The Jump On The "Other Guy"

Members of Naberius are granted access to cutting edge algorithms and their resulting alerts via private access channels in Discord and hands on through TOP SECRET TradingView indicators.

Features Never Stop

We are constantly working on the next algorithm and TV indicator to help our members perfect their personal methodologies.

From general trading or risk management to theory and ethics. Our team consists of multidisciplinary traders eager to help you grow.

Continual development & feature addition. We never stop working on our existing logic. Feature requests from the community are welcome here!

What Makes Naberius Different

Unlike your average trading community, Naberius does not have humans making "calls". Every token, ticker or coin alerted inside our Discord Community is algorithmically generated and has a statistically proven success rate. Can your favorite "guru" say the same? Very unlikely.

Years of Backtested Results

Our in-house algorithms are proven to be wildly profitable and out trade even the most experienced traders on any time frame.

Ride The Cutting Edge

Active developers and a highly responsive community eager to innovate & ride the cutting edge of algorithmic trading.

Unlock Your Potential

Trading is incredibly complex and difficult. Allow your potential to shine by augmenting your trades with a bit of additional confirmation.

Easy To Understand

Impossible to misunderstand alerts and signals without any confusing bars or lines. The Naberius indicators and alerts keep it simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions come with the territory. Here are a few of the most common questions that we've run into.

How do I add The Naberius indicators to my Tradingview?

Inside TradingView click "Indicators" then search for either Mammon, Malphas or The Oracle. Keep an eye on your email for new algorithm announcements.

Do you have a free trial?
  • 14-days Full Unlimited Access
  • Every Algo and Every Alert Channel.
  • To begin the free trial click here
How do I purchase an access pass?

It's super easy. Visit our pricing page to start your journey. You can choose from several payment options and terms from there.

What is included with my Omega Trader purchase?
  • Algorithmically Generated Buy & Sell Signals
  • Community Driven Alerts & Signals Based on Algorithm Logic
  • Hands on Access to The Naberius Indicator Set
  • Direct Access to The Developers Behind It All
How can I upgrade or cancel my access pass?

Upgrading or canceling your access pass is easy. Contact an Alpha or Gamma in Discord or contact with your request.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

Any question, concern or problem should be sent to Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply. For the fastest support join our Discord!

Still have a question? Ask your question here

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